Baked apple with cinnamon porridge

On a cold autumnal morning there is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of porridge however this is our go to breakfast choice most days so this morning I decided to try something different and baked an apple filled with cinnamon porridge. This is not something I attempted to do before but I am very please how it turned out and can honestly say I will be making it as often as possible.



50g porridge oats

200ml semi skimmed milk (or whatever milk you use)

2 apples




I started by making the porridge like I would normally do by placing the oats and milk on a saucepan and cooking until the porridge has a thick and creamy consistency.

I then sliced the top of the apples and scooped out the core and some of the flesh to make room for the porridge. Don’t throw away the apple tops, this will be the lid. Also make sure not to scoop out too much of the apple flesh so you don’t end up with any holes. I went a little too far and ended up with a little whole in the bottom of one of the apple so I placed a piece of the flesh on top of the hole to reduce any leakage.


Once the porridge was done I added a pinch of cinnamon then I divided it between the two apples stuffing all the way to the top. I placed each apple on a little ring I made with foil to keep them stable, topped them with the apple “lid” and baked on a 180oC oven for 35min.

* Make it spicy: cinnamon was a great addition to this dish but try different spices like nutmeg or all spice.

* Make it sweeter: a drizzle of honey or maple syrup would make it even more delicious and indulgent.